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The Challenge

While Ocean protocol had recorded a consistent community growth in key regions, penetrating the high-potential African crypto community was a struggle owing to the uniqueness of the market. Ocean considers its community to be diverse, open, and vibrant so a community with adequate representation was a critical need for the team. The challenge, however, was access to the Nigerian blockchain ecosystem.

The Nigerian crypto community, one of the fastest growing crypto markets in the world, seemed out of reach. Creating a direct connection with the market would have required a detailed assessment of the market, and an understanding of the motivations of the target group in Nigeria. Achieving this internally would require physical presence in the region, and a prolonged timeline to fully establish a position in the Nigerian crypto space.

Our Solution

We identified platform localization and content translation as a market entry strategy to capture the interest of the budding community. We achieved this by creating a website dedicated to the Nigerian community - https://www.oceanprotocol.ng/

We marked out the top articles published by the Ocean team, and translated them into languages familiar to our target audience. We also created a website for the local community to sustain their interest in the project.

By reinforcing our efforts with active community engagement on dedicated social media accounts created specifically for the local audience, social media campaigns, and community meetups, we moved ocean protocol from just another crypto project to a project loved, used, and supported by a growing community of Nigerian software/blockchain developers, data curators, and crypto enthusiasts.

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Our work process

We applied a combination of tactical steps to achieve the the most important objectives : Attract, Delight and retain

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1 Attract

Content Localisation

We introduced Nigerians to Ocean through twitter, telegram and our blog subscribers by communicating with them in their native languages. As at the time of our engagement on the project, Ocean protocol had officially posted 53 articles on their medium channel. We translated 48 out of the articles into Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa languages.

2 Delight

Community Building

We have around 4000 social media followers across twitter, instagram and telegram, and currently manage an email list with over 700 subscribers. With a dedicated community manager on the telegram channel, we are consistently supporting the growing community as they explore the Ocean project.

Process Images
Process Images
3 Retain

Ecosystem Development

We are now taking a step further to build strong brand equity by creating stronger connections with the community. The delivery of this plan will include hosting Blockchain Ocean Protocol Events in Nigerian Universities and developer groups across the country.

See the results

Our results ensure we’re on track. Our attribution mapping shows that we have had a successful run so far.


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