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About us

Why build online
communities with us?

We serve as an extension of your project advocacy team to grow, engage, and update your community in Africa. Our alignment with your internal development team allows for a direct line of engagement with a passionate group of enthusiasts and community members.
We engage and educate the community - create podcasts, write blog posts, and public speaking at events and developer hackathons to get them excited about your project.
We deliver unique experiences that convert your audience from speculators to users and, ultimately, loyalists.

Our process

We provide and maintain effective platforms for communication. Through the media we create, community members can exchange ideas and knowledge with the rest of the community.

Process Images
1 our three step process

Ecosystem Building

We identify and target critical stakeholders for our online community, develop unique and relevant content to educate them, and build an active ecosystem around them.

2 our three step process


We manage communities to ensure continued growth and align members' engagement with the project’s objectives.

Process Images
Process Images
3 our three step process


Being an extension of project teams, we organise meetups to solidify and extend network connections among community members

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