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About us

Why Content

We establish a new market by creating locally consumable content — articles, web copies, platforms, and interactive sessions to connect with local network participants.
We strategically deploy local content across digital platforms and run publicity campaigns to drive maximum awareness for your project using proven channels and leverage our understanding of the Nigerian blockchain community.
We build websites with content and structure designed to appeal to the local market, reinforcing your brand’s commitment to building a solid African community.

Our process

Content localisation delivers a wide range of benefits, as it establishes a connection with participants in a way that feels natural to them.

Process Images
1 our three step process

Select Target Market and Languages

We understand the Nigerian market and offer content translation as a core capability to bring your vision to life in ways that best resonate with the target audience.

2 our three step process

Identify Content to Localise

We assess your brand assets to identify your highest performing content and then translate them to languages and formats that the local audience can conveniently consume

Process Images
Process Images
3 our three step process

Choose the Right Tools

We choose suitable content creation and promotion tools, which are not only great for accurate translations but can also efficiently work with developers, translators, and marketing workflows.

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