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About us

Why Organise a

We actively reinforce your brand’s presence in the market and serve as an extension of your team within the Nigerian blockchain community. By offering learning sessions organised by your team, we can position your brand as an active industry player and drive mass adoption.
This is critical for community growth and adoption, especially within the developer ecosystem. Building sessions introduce developers to your infrastructure and get them excited about it.
We work with the community to identify new opportunities and use cases for your projects. We also align with your team to improve the experience of the local community.

Our process

Our process involves many tactical steps to attract programming talent and drive activity on blockchain projects of our clients.

Process Images
1 our three step process


We map out new project ideas, learning topics, and hackathons that prioritise your product as a critical tool in the building. We decide on an end goal that is clear and achievable and set rules to keep events focused.

2 our three step process


We drive awareness and bring together community members to exchange ideas and engage in technical contests as an avenue to push adoption.

Process Images
Process Images
3 our three step process


We create the proper local operating structure for hackathons and events to drive the much-needed community interest. We also offer incentives to network participants in exchange for their creative contributions.

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