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About us

Why creative

The introduction of a creative community fosters collaboration and establishes a clear path for emerging African creatives to join the growing NFT creator network.
African artists and creatives seeking new opportunities can advance rapidly and reach new markets without worrying about the technicalities of navigating the digital art space.
The more creatives can create and exchange value on the digital space, the faster the digital value chain grows.

Our process

Our process involves many tactical steps to attract programming talent and drive activity on blockchain projects of our clients.

Process Images
1 our three step process

Creative discovery

We seek out and work with the best creators in Africa to deliver high-creative, high-value collectibles to the NFT ecosystem

2 our three step process


We encourage stakeholder interaction— from the creator to the community— to ensure that value is created at every level of engagement.

Process Images
Process Images
3 our three step process

Technical Abstraction

We handle all the technical requirements to set the value creation process in motion. By simplifying the digital process, creators focus on doing what they do best - Create!

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