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Driven by experts

We are a highly competent team with a combined experience of over ten years in the blockchain, technology, and brand communications space within Europe, America, and Africa.

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In Africa, By Africans

We are Africans! We know the processes, the people, and everything in-between— From audience insight to channel partnerships. When we win, everyone wins!

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Ease of engagement

We are not just another agency with a task, think of us as an extension of your blockchain team building brand love in Africa.

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Service Quality Assured

We have a clear understanding of what excellent work should look and feel like, and we strive to deliver that feeling all the time, both to the teams and the community. We’re here to delight!

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Delivering unique experiences.

Africa is one of the fastest-growing markets for cryptocurrency adoption and all indicators show that the African crypto community will play a vital role in accelerating the adoption of blockchain globally.

This is why we are making it possible for blockchain project teams from around the world to connect with, and grow a vibrant community of adopters in Nigeria.